A Rose Like No Other Rose

Humility. An essential trait for a successful relationship. Yet, how many of us can say we truly possess that trait? So when we see it in other people, it just naturally draws us to that person like glowing embers on a cold night. Rose Lapis is such a person. Or more appropriately, I should say, Doctor Rose Lapis. In all of our conversations we’ve had previously, she never once mentioned (or even corrected me) that she was a Pediatrician. It was not until the day of the wedding, that we found out (casually) that she was a doctor. Even after the wedding, she still signs her emails as simply, Rose.

Dr. Lapis and Mr. Papalexiou had a small and intimate wedding on the shores of Kalapaki Beach fronting the Kauai Marriott Resort. Present with them, was her (expecting) daughter and son-in-law. Dr. Lapis bouquet consisted of half a dozen white rosebuds securely wrapped in a white satin ribbon. After the ceremony, the newlywed couple enjoyed a quiet dinner together with Rose’s daughter and son-in-law on a private table overlooking the ocean. You may already have picked up on the fact that Dr. Lapis and Mr. Papalexiou chose to focus and spend their money on the most important part of their wedding day – their vows to each other. Yet, their selfless planning didn’t end there. At the end of the wedding, Dr. Lapis handed my husband a white envelope with a thoughtful handwritten thank you card and a generous tip.

She’s truly a Rose like no other Rose.

Congratulations, Dr. Lapis & Mr. Papalexiou! It was a joy working with you both! We wish you all the best in your beautiful marriage and in the indescribable joys of your soon-to-be-born grandchild!
Brandon & Myrna

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  1. John says:

    Such a gorgeous couple, love their simplicity. And the images are perfect!!

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