A Bride That Would Forever Be In Our Lives

We flew almost 5,000 miles (over 8,000 km) to be here in New York. It was a “chilly” 48 degrees in October when we pulled up into the parking lot of the kingdom hall that evening, where the rehearsal was at. We were jet-lagged but anxious and excited to be finally meeting our bride.  This was a bride unlike any other. She was special. She……..was to be our new sister-in-law.

We walked into the hall and were immediately greeted by familiar friends and family. There within a few feet was a familiar face that we only knew from previous photos. There, was Nyka. Our bride, our sister-in-law. She warmly greeted us with an affectionate hug and a beautiful smile. A smile that we, later on, noticed radiated throughout their wedding photos.

Her fiancé, Robert, is also an established wedding photographer. Before they dated, Nyka already had it set in her mind that if ever she were to get married, she would want Robert to be her wedding photographer. The bad news? That was never going to happen. The good news? She was actually going to marry her dream wedding photographer!

To Nyka & Robert:

Thank you so much for entrusting us with the privilege of photographing your wedding day! We know you had plenty of other talented photographers to choose from and we were honored to have been selected. Thank you also for having Mikayla be a part of your bridal party – it was an unforgettable experience for her. You had such a beautiful wedding and what a memorable wedding talk that was! You are a beautiful couple inside and out. We wish you all the best, not only in your marriage but equally important, in your privileged assignments at Bethel. May Jehovah continue to be your strengthening force in your marriage as He has been in ours. We love you both very much! And Nyka, welcome to the Herrero family!!!

Brandon & Myrna


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