Worth the Wait and Twice the Fun!

“Surprise”! Back in May, John John surprised Liana with a ‘Mommy & Me’ photo session gift certificate. We were honored to be considered a guarantor for their anniversary gift certificate. Now came the challenge. Both Liana and we have extremely busy schedules (peak wedding season) and finding a day where both of our schedules matched was rare, to say the least. We were finally able to find a day when we were all available….seven months later. John John was off island that day so Liana’s sister, Lenney, and her two daughters joined in on the fun. With two moms and four darling little girls in tow, we were off to a playful adventure! At such a young age, these little girls were not the least bit self-conscious about being in front of the camera. Smiling is optional. Posing is out the window. But dancing, giggling, and playing were all part of the agenda! We envy their light-heartedness and genuineness. Taking photos would be so much easier and enjoyable if we could all be four once again and not have to worry about looking perfect on camera, don’t you think?


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