An Adorable Couple at Stone Dam

Stone Dam is known for its breathtaking waterfall and extraordinary beauty.  On this day, however, the focus was not on the waterfall but on two amazing people whose love for each other surpassed all odds.

It was on our journey back to our cars, that we got to hear both sides to the story of Ador’s clever proposal. This is how the story goes (cliff notes version)…..

It was just another day for Christine as she was getting ready for work. However, this was no ordinary day for Ador!

A few days ago, they had just gotten a new puppy, a chocolate lab, and were still debating on what to name him. Well, that very morning, Ador matter-of-factly tells Christine that he had picked out the perfect name for their new little pup and that he had already gotten him a name tag.

Sure enough, Christine notices her pup with a new collar around his neck and “the tag”. She quickly takes a hold of the tag and reads the imprinted name on the front, Will. “WILL!?!? That wasn’t even one of the choices we discussed earlier”, she says to herself. Out of curiosity, she flips the name tag over, and there written on the back were the words, “you marry me?”

Taken aback, she turns to look at her true love. Ador is now on bended knee holding a beautiful ring in his hand to which she excitedly exclaimed, “Yes!”

(And if you must know, the name of the puppy has been changed to protect his innocence. 🙂 His real name is Mac.)


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