5 Things You Didn’t Know About Us

“So tell me about yourself.” If you were to ask either of us that question in person, you’d get a blank stare like a deer caught in the headlights. Honestly, who really likes answering that question whether at a job interview or worse…….on a date? As much as we’d like to dodge the ball on that question, we’ve come to realize that this thought is on the minds of a lot of brides that peruse our website. So it leaves us no choice but to take the bull by the horns and be proactive about it. Instead of boring you with a long, dry bio of ourselves that will put you to sleep quicker than Unisom, we thought it’d be best to address this question one blog post at a time. Afterall, isn’t that how long it truly takes to get to know a person in real life?

Since you already know where we are from and how we met, we thought it’d be fun to do the “5 Things You Didn’t Know About Us” list. (Drum roll…..)

#5 I used to……
B: have a pet Tarantula.
M: be a Licensed Massage Therapist.

#4 I can…..
B: speak Tagalog fluently.
M: dance the hula. I was 9 years old when I had my first lesson.

#3 Growing up, ……..
B: I started my own vegetable garden when I was in elementary.
M: my family used to own a pig farm and I had the glorious job of cleaning the pig pens.

#2 My favorite childhood superhero character was……
B: Superman. I always wanted to be able to fly.
M: Wonder Woman. I liked her gold cuff bracelets, which could deflect bullets.

#1 One of the silliest thing I’ve ever done was when I……
B: called Myrna (when we were dating) and pretended to be my mom on the phone. I really got Myrna on this one! LOL 🙂
M: cut class in high school right in front of the Vice-Principal. He watched us get into our car but didn’t say a thing.

Sporting the traditional Asian Bowl haircut. (Left) Brandon – 3 yrs / (Right) Myrna – Kindergarten

Yes, we really were that dark-skinned back then. (Left) Brandon – 2nd grade / (Right) Myrna – 3rd grade

(Left) Brandon & his family – around 4 years old / (Right) Myrna & her brother – 4 years old

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